ROCKMOS! is rocking the cosmos and around the world !!!

Thank you for your kind feedback messages.

I am so happy that you seem to like my book as much as I do!!!

Here are some of the messages I got from you:

Jamie Moses' comment on ROCKMOS!:
"I can't thank you enough for putting this together, Thilo. It's a superb and thorough record of a truly memorable time and you've taught me stuff about our tours that even I didn't know. Rockmos has pride of place on my coffee table!
The book is also raising money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust, so cheers and well done Thilo."


Spike Edneys comment on ROCKMOS:
"This book really is a labour of love and deep devotion. The photos are fabulous, but what is more impressive and moving is the real sense of commitment that Thilo and his friends had for the band and the tour. There is a real "connection" between artists and audience and it becomes more evident as you progress though the pages. Personally, this book stirs up a lot memories that I had forgotten about and I find myself transported back to the giddy days of those tours. We had an awful lot of fun and Thilo has given us a diary far better than any of us could have prepared, or even imagined. Well done Thilo! Here's hoping you get the chance to do another one someday!!!"

"You did it!!! Brian May"

"It's a better diary or record of the tours than I have! Roger Taylor"

"I have just finished reading it now. I thought it is the best photographic diary I have ever seen. It is SO much more than just words and pictures. You feel involved. It really is a must for any QUEEN + PR fan! Peter Freestone"


"Hi Thilo! Our 2 books arrived wednesday!!!What a excellent quality! You did an extraordinary job! Simply the best QUEEN book I ever seen (andhad)!!!!Many many many thanx! Mirco Italy"


"I received the book last friday. That was a real quick delivery, I must admit. What a great book! That must have cost you a lot of sweat & tears. I'm very happy with it. Thank you very much!"


"I received my book today! It is absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't stop smiling as I looked at the all the photos, feeling like I was behind the camera myself. Professionally done, a high quality product. I suggest any fan of Queen + Paul Rodgers buy it! THANK YOU, THILO!!!"

"It happened! Finally!! in good condition, fast in my collection among many others.Thank you, thank you very much for this wonderful work ....."


"Ich habe es in den Rockmos geschafft! :)
Kompliment, das Werk ist echt toll geworden. Und danke für die schnelle Lieferung."

"Picked up my copy from the post office this morning. Looks great, nice piece of work. Brings back quite a few memories of 3 tours."


"My copy arrived this afternoon. Thanks a lot. A really fabulous work - amazing!"

"Diese Woche habe Ich Dein Buch gelesen. Sehr eindruckweckend! Super gemacht!
Da Ich auch Fotograf bin (leider noch nicht professionell), weiss Ich wie schwer es ist qualitäts Foto's zu machen von Konzerten. Deine Fuji hat auch tolle Foto's gemacht. Dein buch brachte Mich wieder in stimmung für neue Queen Konzerte :-)
Einige von den Konzerten wo Du warst, war Ich auch: Dortmund und Köln 2005, Hannover 2008.
Schöne erinnerungen... 6 Konzerte gesehen insgesamt von den 2 Touren.
Zu wenig natürlich :-)
Nochmals, Kompliment für ein tolles Buch!!
Eine Menge Arbeit muss das gekostet haben!

Grüsse aus Holland


"Hi Thilo,

The book arrived today!!!! I had a dream last night that I was opening a box with a book in it, this must have been it!

It's absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much! Great work!

Thank you, take care, see you on facebook!

Books arrived today, they are wonderful!
Great job, thank you!
All the best,



"Hallo Thilo!

Vielen Dank für das großartige Buch!!

Viele Grüße,

"Hello Thilo,
I received the standard edition of the book yesterday. It's very nice, you really did a good job! Thanks a lot!



"Hi Thilo,
I'm Paolo from Rome, Italy. Today I've received my wonderful book lmt edt.
Very Very nice and funny!!! Many thanks

Best regards

"Hallo Thilo!!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem Buch!! Ich finde es klasse!
Sehr tolle, gelungene Fotos!! Ein Buch das jeder wahre Queenfan haben muß!!!
Gruß Jürgen!
Viel Erfolg mit dem Verkauf!!
Werde es weiterempfehlen!!!"



"Hi Thilo

Just a quick word of thanks for your excellent book. It's amazing how

you managed to put so much stuff in there this is such a gem and will

surely be a collectors item in the future.

Thanks Again

Rockmos Rocks"



I got it this morning :) thanks very much, i love it! Good luck for the future, its a truly wonderful piece of work.



"Wollte dir kurz mitteilen, dass dein Versand echt gut ist!!!!

Hab ja Dienstag bestellt und überwiesen - MIttwoch mittag ist das Geld dort wohl schon eingegangen (trotz Fremdbank!), sie haben mir direkt eine Bestätigung geschickt per Mail und das Buch auch direkt Mittwoch verschickt und . . . es war gleich Donnerstag schon da!!!

Muss schon sagen - find ich echt gut!!! Auch, wie penibel das Buch verpackt war: noch eingeschweisst, nochmal in Packpapier eingewickelt (mehrfach) und dann im Pappkarton verschickt. Schon sehr gut, wirklich.

Zu dem Buch ansich: WAHNSINN!!!!! Super gute, klasse Bilder und der Druck - echt hochwertig.

Wir sind total begeistert und werden es weiterempfehlen!!!!

LG aus Lippstadt

Anja & Michael"